My style in 2016.

Hello blog readers!
Hello in 2017! It's a new chapter in your life, make sure to fill it with great things! :)
I wanted to share with you all my outfits through the year. I think it's interesting to look back what I wore.
Which month do you liked the most? :)

Sveiciens 2017 gadā! :) Jauns gads ir jauna un tīra lappuse Tavā dzīvē,aizpildi to ar lieliskām atmiņām! :)Gadu sākot, vēlējos apkopot visus 2016. gadā iepostotos outfitus. Manuprāt,ir interesanti atskatīties ko man patika nēsāt visvairāk un kā mans stils mainījās pa sezonām.Kurš mēnesis Tev patika vislabāk? :)

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  1. It should be june ;)

  2. Great! I love the outfit recap!
    Happy New Year sweetie! ❤️️

  3. You wore a lot of cute patterns and prints in 2016. Happy New Year!


Thanks for the comments. :)