I know folks, that you enjoy these "random photos" posts. It's been a while since I posted it, so I decided it is time for a new one :)

  1. Potatoes pancakes, soo delicious
  2. My cat loves to sleep in weird poses :D
  3. Breakfast. Greek yogurt&coffee and a little bit bread
  4. Magnets from Malta. Miss this trip...

  1.  Mum bought sweets :D
  2. Me and Elmira getting ready.
  3. These things are really delicious, I call them sisal's.
  4. Cake from newspaper's Anniversary

  1.  Studs from sisters boots
  2. Valentine's day heart
  3. Some jewelry pieces
  4. Just food :D

  1.  My garden and dog
  2. At school, I was soo happy when I just touched the piano :D lol
  3. With Elmira
  4. Orange juice

  1. My manicure
  2. Snapshot in my room
  3. Just random photo
  4. With Elmīra (again) :D We love to take random photos.

What's your opinion?

  1. Nice pics.


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  4. Great pictures - it all sounds so cosy!
    And you have such beautiful hair :-)

    Step by would love to hear your opinion about my latest outfit:

  5. Oh, your cat looks super cutesy!!! Such a fluffy tummy! :)


Thanks for the comments. :)