Sveiki, visiem!
Hah, atradu brīvu brītiņu,lai nolakotu nagus un tā kā sieviete ir bezspēcīga, līdz nožūst viņas nagulaka, atradu laiku,lai iepostotu jums "random postu".
Šoreiz publicēšu dažas bildes no visādām ballītēm, vakariem utt. Atlasīju bildes ar meitenēm :D

Hello, everybody!
Hah, I found free time to paint my nails, so you may now that expression- when woman did her nails, she is helpless...so I have similar situation and I decided to make a post with random photos from different parties and evenings. Hah, I published photos only with girls :D

 With Elmira going out at Sunday's night.

 Just random mirror photo. Hah, noticed that there is my cat's tale :D
 Girls in the club :D

What's your opinion?

  1. NIce pics and I see you have a perfect weekend.


  2. You both look fantastic :)
    studded top is so stylish <3

    followed :*



Thanks for the comments. :)